Many patients have the type of medical issues that reflect our aging population. One older patient is struggling on her own to rent a room, buy groceries, and maintain an extremely limited (no medications) insurance supplement on less than $800 a month. Her rent alone is $550, which leaves very little for food and other necessities. 

She is suffering from osteoarthritis, GERD, hypothyroidism, and other chronic diseases that affect people in her age group, including periodic depression. 

We are able to provide her with seven medications so that she can continue to maintain her health and live independently. – February 2013

An older married couple, living in James City County, each suffer from several chronic diseases – among them, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, glaucoma, GERD, prostate disease, and diabetes with kidney involvement. With their enrollment in the Medical Access Program (MAP) which connects patients with drug companies offering free medicines, they found that of the 14 prescription medications they take, nine are available through MAP.

These medications combined would cost more than their annual income but, thanks to this program, they receive them at no cost. OTMDC and the MAP program enable this couple to lead active, productive and healthy lives.


During one of our free health screenings, while doing and extensive oral exam, Dentist Dr. Bill Fullerton found a large growth on the tongue of a 34 year old woman. She was referred to our volunteer oral surgeon, Rodney Dukart. When he sent a biopsy of the lesion to the pathology lab at Virginia Commonwealth University, the diagnosis came back as squamous cell carcinoma – a very serious cancer of the mouth. 

On many occasions, this type of cancer necessitates radical surgery and disfigurement of the facial structures. After we received the pathology report, the young woman was immediately sent to the medical side of our clinic for referral to an Ear Nose and Throat surgical oncologist, who participates in our Peninsula wide Project Care Program. The surgeon removed the tumor and, because it was caught at an early stage, it had not spread to other areas of her mouth. Although the patient lost nearly one third of her tongue, it has completely healed and, miraculously, she has no problems with her speech. 

On several follow-up exams, she and her husband, with tears in their eyes, have praised the expert and timely care they received at Olde Towne Medical & Dental Center.


"Thank you for the free women's screening clinic you held in July, 2010. I found out I had an abnormal test and with follow up with my doctor, I was able to prevent a more serious situation.

I am enclosing a donation to help you do more of these clinics for women in our community."  -- Jackie.


"Thank you to the doctors and volunteers at Olde Towne Medical Center who took part in the last screening for Pap smears. My daughter was a participant in the testing, and, unfortunately, her test came back with cancer cells noted. She is now beginning her treatments. I urge all women to be screened, as this could very well save your life."

"To the Staff of OTMDC – Dr. Norman, Pat Branch, Kendra, Paula, Georgia, Tammy and all the other "angels" that have taken over our medical care with so much love, concern, care and special feelings that we do not know how to thank you. 

You literally saved us from a terrible situation with our health care. 

Thank God there are special people like all of you in this world and we feel truly blessed that we found you." With love  --  B & V P.


"I would like to express my gratitude for the exceptional quality of care that has been offered to my husband and myself for the past three years at Olde Towne Medical & Dental Center. 

The care we received is excellent. Also, the encouragement that we both receive in the chronic disease clinic is above and beyond anything that we ever expected. We often need help with our medications and your medication program enables us to have our medications at little cost. 

We cannot thank you enough for all the care and support we receive there."  -- Betty and John T.


"After having lab tests during a health screening clinic, I made an appointment with Dr. Norman to discuss my elevated blood sugar levels. I was given an insulin resistance test and subsequently was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. My next stop was to visit with the Nurse Educator and Nutritionist. With their counseling and positive support, I've learned how to manage and improve my condition. I've already lost ten pounds! I anticipate that my next insulin resistance test will show normal blood sugars."  -- William


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