Happy Holidays

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Check out our video holiday card below.

Healthy Holiday Hacks

You survived Christmas and now you just want 2020 to go away and to say hello to a better 2021! Here are some tips to ring in the New Year without regret.

OTMDC has another Holiday Health Hack to help you have a little more benefit and a little less regret as the year winds down.

Tip #1: Celebrate in moderation. Have a single toast at midnight, not drinks all evening. Not only should you watch the ABV but alcohol turns to sugar in the body so go lightly. If you do partake, drink plenty of water throughout the evening to keep from getting dehydrated.

Tip #2: Substitute non-alcoholic drinks - Use sparkling cider (again watch the sugar) or use New Year's Eve as a chance to try a new non-alcoholic drink recipe. Many are fancy and festive.

Tip #3: Try an alternative to a party and use the beginning of the new year to start a new tradition, activity, or hobby. Let that be the way to a healthier 2021.

The holiday is one week from today! How can you and Santa get through the season's temptations?

OTMDC has more Holiday Health Hacks to help you have a little more benefit and a little less regret as the holidays unfold.

Tip #1: Stretch in the morning - or better yet work out.

It's better to get it done in the morning so it doesn't get replaced by unexpected events during the day.

Tip #2: Move throughout the day - Take the stairs more during the holidays. Park farther from the store to get in a few more steps while shopping. Take a walk at lunch or after dinner to enjoy the lights each evening. Little movements add up.

Tip #3: Set goals to keep yourself motivated.

Small adjustments can keep you on track through the holidays rather than waiting until the new year to start again.

The holidays are here! Already feeling guilty about holiday goodies? OTMDC has some Holiday Health Hacks to help you get through the season with a little more benefit and a little less regret.

Tip #1: Desserts - Homemade is better than store bought. You can bake holiday goodies with substitutions that won't affect flavor but will positively help your health. And your kids won't even know!

Switch white flours and sugars with coconut or almond flour and maple syrup to cut sugar intake. Substitute coconut or almond milk in recipes when you can.

Tip #2: Eat before you attend a get together. That way you aren't tempted to overindulge. Start with healthier options like the veggie tray to get full before you hit the heavy carb items. And limit desserts, have one to enjoy, not two or three.

Tip #3: Drink lots of water. It helps you feel full and flushes the system. Substitute sparkling water for sodas - you get the fizz without the sugar.


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